What is Identity and Access Management In Cyber Security (IAM)?

In today’s world, cyber crimes are at their peak as cybercriminals continue to exploit every vulnerability and gap in target machines’ systems. These days businesses can’t afford to fall victim to data breaches as each successful attack will have monetary costs along with reputational damages. That’s why having integrated network security is essential, especially for … Read more

11 Best Practices for Developing Secure Web Applications

Are you an entrepreneur pondering maintaining cybersecurity? If so, the first thing that appears in your mind is often the network and endpoint security. However, web application security has become increasingly crucial nowadays! You might think that you have already organized your tasks to hit the following steps, but there have not been things sufficiently … Read more

Onboarding Software- Buyer’s Guide 

Tech in the recruitment and onboarding process has been on the rise since the pandemic struck us. Automation and efficiency are two main benefits that have attracted HRs to buy these software programs and make their job easy. But with so many software companies in the market, how does one choose the right software? We … Read more

What Is an SSL Proxy and How to use it?

SSL proxy is an intermediary server that uses SSL encryption. Proxies are used to increase your anonymity online and ensure that you will not be bothered by IP bans because one of the key things that a proxy does is that it masks your IP address. It doesn’t mean that your IP can’t be blocked, … Read more

Easy Hacks To Fix Bluetooth Issues On Your Mac

Bluetooth is a necessary technology, and it comes embedded with almost all modern-day appliances and devices. For example, earphones and headphones come with Bluetooth technology today, making them wireless. Even hearing aids come with this technology, and it makes it easier for people with hearing deficiency to listen to the world around them a bit … Read more

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