How to change input on Samsung TV?

Samsung launched its first smart TV in 2012, named ES8000. After that, models came into the market having more features than the previous ones. Samsung TV gives flexibility for adjusting features as users wish. You can change input, brightness, contrast, language on a TV using a remote or using inbuilt buttons on a TV. If you … Read more

com google android trichromelibrary | trichromelibrary

  By reading this weird name, ““, the first question that arises to mind is what is this? We thought that this was some mistake while writing the name. But “NO,” you are not thinking right. There is no mistake while writing this name. Let’s go and check out this com google android trichrome library.   It … Read more

Why is my Samsung tv so dark? How to fix it?

 Samsung is one of the best tv production brands in India. The main attraction of Samsung tv is its cutting-edge tv. Samsung manufactures thousands of TVs every year. Nowadays, HDTV is a top-selling piece of Samsung. It is possible to connect our mobile to television and watch everything we want. Smart TVs are very easy … Read more

Change Language on Samsung TV

Samsung has become the most popular TV brand because they allow users to customize anything they wish. If your kid changes the language by mistake, do not worry because you can easily adjust your known language from settings with simple steps. In this article, we are covering how to Change Language on Samsung TV.  Suppose … Read more

Samsung moisture sensor

 We all know the traditional method of drying a smartphone when it gets wet. We keep our mobile in rice grain for a few hours, the rice absorbs water from the smartphone, and it gets dry. Samsung moisture sensor works as detectors for moisture. If any moisture is detected in the phone, it will automatically … Read more

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