How to turn off Samsung tablet?

Handling the tablets and smartphones of today is not an easy task. People usually struggle with the latest devices as they are oblivious of the right methods to use them. Multiple features and fascinating functions are enticing but these can be a headache at times. You need to be really tech-savvy to make full use … Read more

Samsung wireless charger not working

RealMe was the first company to launch the first wireless charger in 2017. With the success, other companies have also started manufacturing wireless chargers. Samsung is one of the companies. Samsung has manufactured a few fast-charging wireless chargers. They have got a positive customs review. However, many times they were complaining that the Samsung wireless … Read more

Cast Samsung Phone to Samsung TV

The world has advanced leaps and bounds owing to the benefits of technology. It has witnessed a drastic revolution and rapid advancements in the field of science. It has transformed the way we experience the virtual world. Smartphones have become smarter than they used to be. The most basic televisions have transformed into smart TVs … Read more

Best webcam settings

Best webcam settings: Does your video on your webcam look grained and too loud? Are you struggling to make your video look more professional?

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