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Can you block calls but not texts?

With intrusive calls becoming an increasing nuisance, many of us are wondering: “Can you block calls but not texts?” Understanding the intricacies of this question is not as simple as it appears on the surface. As mobile technology advances, finding the right solution between blocking unwanted calls and retaining valued text messages has become a pertinent issue. Deep-diving into the mechanics of this dilemma, let’s explore the possibilities of achieving this desired balance through extensive research, manufacturers’ claims, and users’ testimonials.

Understanding the Basics of Call and Text Block Settings

Whether you’re using an Android or iOS device, it usually comes equipped with default features that allow you to block or silence notifications from specific contacts or numbers. However, the default blocking feature does not distinguish between calls and text messages; opting to block a number will prevent both its calls and texts from reaching you.

Turn to Third-Party Apps

If the default features don’t cater to your specific needs, not to worry. The global app marketplace offers a plethora of third-party utilities to help resolve distinct communication problems. Apps such as TrueCaller, Hiya, or Whoscall can offer more refined control over your incoming calls and texts.

An array of Specialised Call Blocking Features

While the shared goal amongst these third-party options is empowering users to restrict bothersome calls, each has its unique quirks and functions. For example, TrueCaller focuses on identifying and blocking known spammers, while Hiya and Whoscall allow for personalised block rules. Therefore, users get more granular control, such as blocking calls but still allowing text messages from certain contacts.

Workaround with Do Not Disturb Mode

If installing third-party apps doesn’t seem appealing, another alternative is to utilise your device’s ‘Do Not Disturb’ mode. Combining the Do Not Disturb mode with meticulous contact management can enable you to block calls but still receive text messages. However, this may require a bit of manual work as you would need to tailor settings for individual contacts and numbers.

Beware of the Drawbacks

It’s important to note that these workarounds are not foolproof and have their limitations. One significant drawback is that while these apps do provide more specific control over communications, they also require access to your call logs and messages. Hence, raising possible-privacy concerns. Furthermore, even though these utilities are quite advanced, they may sometimes block desired communication or allow unwanted messages to sneak through.

On the other hand, the Do Not Disturb method can be fairly laborious as it requires you to manually tweak settings for each contact. More importantly, it may not work efficiently for unknown numbers or changing caller IDs.

While finding the perfect balance between blocking unwanted calls and retaining desired messages can seem like a daunting task, it’s not impossible. With a little understanding, the right apps, and a bit of manual tinkering, you can build a customised defence against unwanted calls while still receiving your important text messages.

Further Developments Ahead

As mobile technologies continue to evolve, developers and mobile companies are constantly working on providing better solutions for users’ communication needs. It won’t be surprising if future iterations of mobile operating systems incorporate features that allow users to block calls but not texts explicitly. Until then, the methods mentioned above act as the best alternatives.

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