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How To Add Paper Money To Cash App?

Whether you are just beginning your journey into the exciting world of financial apps or you have been using them for a while now, you must have come across Cash App. Formerly known as Square Cash, this popular app allows you to send, receive and spend money instantly with just a few taps on your smartphone. With over 30 million users, this app is well-loved and trusted by many for its security features and seamless transactions.

Now, most people know how to transfer money between bank accounts using Cash App, but did you know that it is also possible to add your physical paper money to the app? This is an excellent feature for those who still prefer to deal with traditional cash but want the benefits of a modern financial app. It’s surprisingly easy to do, and in this article, we will guide you through the simple steps to adding paper money to your Cash App account.

Step 1: Acquire a Cash App Cash Card

Possessing a Cash App Cash Card is crucial for adding paper money to your Cash App. If you do not have one yet, request it through the app by clicking on the Cash Card tab and selecting “Get Cash Card.” The card is mailed to you for free within a week or two, and you need to activate it once received.

Step 2: Find a Retailer that Supports Cash App Cash Card

Cash App has partnered with various retailers, such as Walmart, Walgreens, and Dollar General, to enable its users to add cash to their accounts. Just look for a retailer that has the Green Dot “Reload @ the Register” logo at their establishment.

Step 3: Go to the Cashier with your Cash Card

Once you have found a suitable retailer near you, take your cash and the Cash App Cash Card to the cashier. Inform the cashier that you want to add cash to your Cash Card. They will swipe your card through the Green Dot machine, and you will hand over the amount of cash you wish to add.

Step 4: Pay the Service Fee

Adding paper money to your Cash App with this method incurs a small service fee, usually around $4.95, which you need to pay along with the total amount you want to add to your account.

Step 5: Wait for the Balance Update

The cashier will give you a receipt after the transaction is complete. The updated balance will be reflected on your Cash App account within minutes. Check the app to ensure that the funds have been successfully added.

With these easy steps, you can now add your paper money to the Cash App and enjoy all the benefits of modern financial technology! Keep in mind that some retailers may have limits on how much money you can add, so ensure you know these limits before proceeding. By bridging the gap between traditional cash transactions and digital payments, Cash App proves to be a valuable tool for managing your finances.

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