A new anti-tracker feature has arrived for Apple's?

In this web story, we will know about a new anti-tracker feature of Apple.

Does the anti-tracker feature useful?

Yes, by this we can prevent tracking of your Apple phones by anti-tracker feature. 

What is used for Anti-tracker?

explicit user permission before tracking their data across websites or apps owned by other companies

How can we use this feature?

We can use this feature by going to settings->apps, by clicking on any app and you can turn off 'Allow Tracking'.

Does Apple stop all trackers?

Yes, Apple default stops all trackers and safari will automatically block trackers.

What is this feature for?

This feature is for users' privacy to hide their location and the app developer cannot track your phone.

Can we on the Tracking Feature on iPhone?

No, if we 'ON' the Tracking feature our data can be shared. So Apple encourages not to allow tracking.

What should you do for this feature?

You have to update your iPhone to the latest version then you can see this feature.

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