Introducing the all new mobile operating system iOS 15

So let begin with this webstory and see what's new for you!

Bingo! iOS 15 is compatible with all iPhones and iPods touch models and models with already running iOS 13 and 14. But yes, the user interface remains identical to that of iOS 14. SO WHAT'S NEW?

The all new FaceTime App! Brings a lot of new  features with it which includes the propensity to ask Android users to join your FaceTime call.

Thinking of what's focus mode.  Focus mode is the extended version of DND feature.

The feature will observe the usages pattern of the user and will  suggest focus modes based on the activities.


Safari has few changes too. The address bar is now shifted at the bottom. Crystalline background of tab switching interface. Safari listens to you with a voice support system.

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Relive the moment by using the new interactive memory feature. the photos app includes an optical character recognition feature to recognise text. 

EVERYTHING HAS FEW ISSUES and problem in it SO AS iOS 15. To know about them keep going.


Rapid battery drain issue Unresponsive display Wifi issues  Apps crashing Bluetooth not working properly  BUT THESE ISSUES HAVE SOLUTIONS TOO.

Few iPhones and iPods that support iOS 15 are - 

iPhone 6s and 6s plus iPhone SE (1st and 2nd gen) iPhone 7 and 7 plus iPhone 8 and 8 plus iPhone X and XS All the variants of iPhone 12 

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