What is macOS Monterey?

macOS Monterey is just Apple’s all new next-generation Operating System. The current version is macOS 12.3.1 .

The update appears to fix many security issues and bugs like battery drain issue, bluetooth related issue. The update removes python 2 and adds new emojis and a lot more things.

FaceTime with ScreenPlay This feature is designed so that you can watch TV and movies together or share a screen directly through the FaceTime App.

You will be able to share the entire screen or just an app. And you know that you will be able to FaceTime with non-iPhone users.

The update introduces the all new ‘Messages-share with you’ feature. For eg. if someone shares a website link, you will be able to see it at the starting page of safari.

Shortcuts Apps At first shortcut apps were introduced in iPhones & iPads & now in MacBooks too.Shortcuts in the update can be run from dock, finder, spotlight, etc. as these are universal.

Maps You can have 3D looks of landmarks. Also Apple has world wide enhanced the detailing of the mountains, deserts, forest, oceans and many other things.

Universal control- the all new very significant feature provided by the update. This allows users to exercise single control across multiple iPads and MacBooks.

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