All-new Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

In this web story, we will see the latest and advanced Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

What is so special about Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

First of all, this watch features the biggest ever in the Galaxy watch series, 590mAh. Moreover, it is more durable than previous models of this series.

Features of Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Galaxy watch 5 Pro houses the biggest battery ever, tough design, great accuracy during workouts and of course all-new tough design.

What are the cons of this watch?

It's always-on-display is dim in bright outdoors and it is unable to read skin temperature as of now.

What makes it different from Galaxy Watch 5?

This all-new Galaxy watch 5 Pro features bigger screen size with bigger battery and technology advancement. Samsung has worked on improving its build quality.

Where can you buy it?

You can buy it from Samsung's official website and Amazon

How much will it cost?

Samsung has launched it at a price of $450 only.

Should you purchase it?

If you want to upgrade to the latest android watch tech then it is a strong recommendation to buy this watch.

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