Apple launches MacBook with Apple-designed microprocessors

In this web story, we will know about Apple's launched MacBook Air with the first Apple-designed microprocessors.

Is it true that Apple launched the microprocessor?

Yes, Apple indeed launched a microprocessor for its MacBook and it is called an M1 chip.

Is it powerful compared to other processes?

Yes, It is powerful enough to handle all complicated operations that a user can do.

What is special about this M1 processor?

With this processor, the user can connect his MacBook and iPhone fully and can perform operations.

What is the goal of this M1 chip?

This M1 gives a user fast performance and efficient battery life.

What is the key aim of Apple?

The key aim of Apple is to give user power efficiency, that is getting efficient work per watt of energy consumed.

Which microprocessor is best for Apple?

This M1 chip is best for MacBook because it gives the user what they want.

Did sales increase when Apple launched this processor?

Yes, sales increased because of the speed, and performance of this M1 microprocessor.

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