Apple Magic Keyboard on your desk.

In this web story, we will know about the Apple Magic Keyboard in detail.

Is it wireless?

Yes, the Apple Magic Keyboard is wireless and helps you to do your work easily.

How can we on this?

You can on/off this keyboard by pressing a single right corner key on this keyboard.

Function keys

These functions which are from f1 to f12 can help you with the shortcuts such as brightness.

Is it necessary?

For some users, it may be necessary because it gives a smooth experience.

How much cost it can be?

When coming to price as we all know Apple products are too high to buy and this keyboard is about $200-$300.

Can we have to connect it?

Yes, first you have to connect with your iMac then you can use it smoothly.

Can we have different colors?

Yes, you can have two colors for this first one is white color and another is black color.

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