Apple Maps hacks in your hand in just 1 min

In this webstory, we will see various Apple Maps hacks in just 1 min?

Hack 1: Apple’s take on Street View

It same as Google Maps, you can locate a place on a map and fetch to see how it appears, if you were standing there at street level.

Hack 2: Make your own guide

Once you’ve discovered something better, scroll down -> get "Guides". Tap it and pick "New Guide", type a name -> tap Create from the top right corner.

Hack 3: Discover valuable things nearby

Tap on the Search on bottom of iPhone's screen, see "Find Nearby." Just tap on each category, you will explore your local zone for that special item.

Hack 4: Where you parked

Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services-> Enable "Location Services".  System Services -> Significant Locations -> Activate. Finally, Settings -> Maps -> Parked Location.

Hack 5: Third Party extensions

An amazing Apple Maps feature! Go to Settings -> Maps -> Extensions option. Choose a category, and tap on it->  enable/disable the services as per your convenience.

Hack 6: Do Not Disturb mode

Open the Control Center menu -> Tap Focus button -> click New Focus -> Driving -> Whitelist imp contacts -> Tap Turn Driving on Automatically -> Done.

Hack 7: Touchscreen gestures

Wipe the iPhone screen with pair of fingers, and push them out from each other to zoom out, or nearer together to zoom in.

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