Are electric cars the future of the world in 1 min?

In this web story, we will learn that electric cars are the future of the world in detail.

Are electric cars necessary?

Yes, electric cars are necessary for this world to get rid of pollution.

How many sales of these cars increased?

In the US, 40 percent of sales increased of electric cars since 2016.

Electric cars are better than gas cars?

Yes, electric cars don't produce pollution and they don't generate noise too.

Do electric cars have disadvantages?

Yes, it does have some disadvantages, that their price is high compared to gas cars.

Can we drive as far as possible?

Yes, we can drive as much as possible till the battery of the car is low.

How can we charge our vehicle?

You can charge your vehicle at charging points and it charges you less cost when compared to gas.

What are the advantages of electric cars?

Less maintenance and they give better performance and are more efficient compared to other cars.

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