Best iPhone Camera setting which makes your day

In this web story, we will know about the best iPhone Camera settings that make your day

Is it necessary to change settings?

No, it is not necessary but if you want a better photo you can change the settings.

Setting the focus

You must set the focus for the good images, by setting the focus you can have sharp photos.

Set the exposure of your iPhone

You have to set the exposure for good photos, by setting this you can adjust the brightness levels and have a good photo.

Night mode on iPhone

If you have low light then you must switch to night mode on your iPhone to get the best photos.

Portrait mode

Now you can blur your background with the help of portrait mode and can have a wonderful image.

Does it have so many features?

Yes, the iPhone camera is the best camera when comparing it to the other phones.

Use the gridlines

You can use the gridlines feature on your iPhone for the perfect photo. By this, you would have a good centered photo.

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