Can Scalenut’s AI Writer Break Content Into Search Engines Results?

In this web story, we will see whether Scalenut’s AI writer is really making a difference in AI-based writing.

What is Scalenut?

Scalenut is a new-age AI-based content research and writing platform which provides high-ranking long and short content. It was founded on Aug 20, 2022.

Why Scalenut is in news?

Recently, Scalenut has raised $3.1 million for its automated content creation platform. It is funded by many huge names in the industries such as Titan Capital, AngelList, etc.

What makes Scalenut different from others?

When asked this question, the company’s co-founder Mayank Jain said they have constructed a whole new automated content workflow that delivers users high-ranking content.

Where does Scalenut stand in the market currently?

Founded on Aug 20, 2022, Scalenut already has 100,000 active users mostly from the business end which has raised revenue by 10 times.

Which countries have maximum users of Scalenut?

Almost 70% of the total users of Scalenut are from the USA, UK, and Canada, and the rest of them are from Asian countries.

Features of Scalenut

It provides relevant headlines, good writing points, and other writing tools which are very helpful in creating good ranking content.

Will Scalenut prove to be a competitor for others?

As its investors are putting pressure on the “scaling” of content which is not an easy task. But Scalenut has proven itself very successful in providing scalable content.

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