Every Apple Event Name From 2001 till 2022

In this web story, we will know about every Apple Event Name From 2001 till 2022 in detail.

So how many events total?

Apple has announced such events around 40 from the year 2001 to the year 2022.

How many years did these events happen?

Every year one of these events happens at Apple and the year the events didn't happen is from 2002-2004.

So what did happen in 2001?

The first event happened in the year that was about the iPod and after we can't see any event till 2004

The year 2005?

In the year 2005, Apple said a line and announced the iPod, and that was the event of 2005.

What is about the year 2006?

In the year 2006, Apple announced the iPod Hifi and mainly the Apple TV.

What is the next event for Apple?

The next event of Apple was in 2007 and Apple announced the iPhone which was a game changer.

Next event of Apple after 2007?

It was 2008 and Apple announced the iPod touch, after that in 2009, it is back with the iPhone 3s.

What can happen in the next events?

As you know Apple came up with everything such as iPhones and TV and laptops that was the event from 2009 till the year 2022.

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