First-ever Apple Prototype Computer Auctioned

In this web story, we will see the auction of the first prototype of Apple computer.

What is the name of this prototype?

This prototype was made by Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in 1976 and named it as Apple-1.

Why did Steve Jobs made this prototype?

He made this prototype computer to showcase its capabilities to The Byte Shop, one of the first computer stores in the world.

How much is it auctioned at?

The Apple-1 prototype computer was auctioned at $677,196 and the bid was won by a collector from the Bay Area.

Why is this prototype so special?

This prototype was the company’s first computer produced which was called off from service in 1977.

Who is the buyer of this prototype?

The winning bidder has decided to keep his identity hidden but it is known that he is from the Bay Area.

Who is the current CEO of Apple Inc.?

Tim Cook has been serving as the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc. since 2011.

Fun Fact

Apple Inc. has made more cash than the US government and according to a report, Apple has made twice as much cash as the US government.

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