Forgot Mac password- let's recover in just 1 min

There are different ways to recover your password which you will get to know. So just keep going and learn.

Select reset using Apple ID, your Mac will restart, then click next section & if it doesn’t restart then enter your Apple ID credentials & click reset password.

Reset using your Apple ID-

Click deactivate Mac and then confirm to deactivate. Enter new password information & click next. For multiple accounts enter the new information for each account. Click reset.

Another way is to click restart and show password reset options. You might be asked to enter verification code sent to your other devices. Or enter the FileVault recovery key.

Now you need to select a user that you want to reset password for. Click next, enter new password information, then next. When the password is reset click restart.

Reset using recovery key- Choose the option to reset using the recovery key and enter your FileVault recovery key(turn on FileVault to receive the recovery key).

Now instead of allowing your iCloud account or Apple ID to unlock your disk choose to create a recovery key by the help of FileVault. Enter new password information and restart.

Remember that, before beginning your Mac must be connected to an internet connection and be using macOS Catalina (or later). After checking all this you may begin to reset your MacBook password.


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