Introduction to Stratagems

Unlock the power of stratagems in Helldivers 2! From support to firepower, find out which stratagems top the tier list!

S-Tier Offensive Stratagems

S-Tier Offense: Devastating and game-changing. These stratagems deliver unmatched firepower to obliterate enemies!

S-Tier Defensive Stratagems

S-Tier Defense: The best shields and area control tools. Ensure your team's survival with these top-tier defenses!

A-Tier Versatility

A-Tier: Balance of power and utility. These stratagems offer great flexibility and effectiveness in various situations.

B-Tier Specialized Tools

B-Tier: Niche but powerful. Perfect for specific missions or tactics, these stratagems shine under the right conditions.

C-Tier Situational Picks

C-Tier: Situational choices that can turn the tide when used appropriately. Know when to deploy these for maximum impact.

D-Tier Underdogs

D-Tier: Rarely optimal, but don't underestimate their potential. With creativity, these underdogs can surprise your foes!

Upgrading Stratagems

Elevate your game by upgrading your stratagems. Enhanced versions offer significant improvements and strategic advantages.

Player Tips and Tricks

Insider tips: Maximize your stratagem effectiveness with player-recommended strategies and combinations. Be the MVP!

Conclusion and Encouragement

Mastering stratagems is key to dominating in Helldivers 2. Experiment, adapt, and find your winning combination. Dive in!

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