Hidden iPhone Tips and Tricks to Make You an iOS Pro?

Every phone in the new generation is coming up with new tricks and gestures to make our user experience cool and easy.

Adapting to the Apple ecosystem

The Apple ecosystem also has many such new and hidden gestures which make you look like a pro-IOS user. All you go to do is follow some simple instructions to set them up.

Notifications on lock screen

If you want to see a notification on your lock screen, all you have to do is scroll up from the middle of the screen instead of the bottom. The notifications will appear. You can also swipe them right to remove or read them completely.

Search bar for every app

Having a search bar helps us in finding any item easily. Almost all the IOS apps have this feature. So when you are using an application and you want the search bar, simply click on the clock in the top left corner to get the search bar, this reveals the search bar. 

Customizing the app icons

Customizing the app icons sounds cool. The new IOS version lets you customize the app icons as you wish and this does not even cost a dime.

Back Tap feature for Spotlight

The back tap feature can be used to launch your favorite app with a double tap/ triple tap. we can also access features like Spotlight, reachability, and many more using the Back Tap feature.

Hidden Apps

Everyone wants to have a hidden app feature on their mobile. we want to keep some apps related to our personal life a secret. We can hide those apps using the Allowed apps feature on iPhone.

Hidden albums

A hidden album is a common feature in IOS, but it is easy to find its icon in the photo gallery itself. So we can also hide the hidden album from everyone just by clicking on the toggle button.

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