How to fix the Internal exception Socket  Exception?

The “internal exception connection reset” error (connection lost) is one of the most common errors in Minecraft.

Why does it occur?

The reason why this occurs is due to the sudden loss of connection between the server and the client when one of the parties tries to communicate with others.

Methods to fix this issue?

The issue can be fixed by following some simple steps. The most basic one is to restart your device since restarting can solve some issues in TCP/IP connection services.

Checking the internet connection

If the previous method does not work, try checking your internet connection, sometimes this exception is thrown due to a poor internet connection, So restarting your router or refreshing your browser might help.

Using a paid VPN service

Another way of rectifying this issue is to try using a paid VPN service as they provide different IP addresses.

Changing the DNS server addresses

Changing the DNS server address can also help. To do so, Go to the Network and Internet settings and try changing the preferred and alternate DNS addresses as and respectively.

IP address renewal

IP address renewal can also be a solution to solve this issue. Open your command prompt and execute the below-mentioned commands. ipconfig/release ipconfig/flushdns ipconfig/renew

Relaunching the game

After executing all the commands, restart your computer and relaunch the game to see better results. Once resolved, you are good to go again.

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