Sometimes we need to know how much data do I have left in mobile phone. Just know this in 1 min via this story.

How much data do I have left- want to know this in just 1 min?

How to Check Data Usage on Your Phone?

Inspecting the data use is easy on iPhones and Android phones since the feature is built-in. We are going to see how we can check the data usage.

Checking data usage for different carriers


This is a straightforward way to check the data used on AT&T, we can call the number and obtain the data usage summary. Simply type *3282# (*DATA#) in your phone app and call.


To review the data usage on your Verizon, you simply need to dial #3282 (#DATA) and you will receive a text overview of your data usage.


With T-mobile, you will accept text information when you get 80% and 100% data usage. But if you want to check the data usage then you can dial #WEB# (#932#).


Simply dial *4 and you can get a text summary. Or you can get a verbal summary of the text, data, and message usage if you stay on the call.

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