How to add effects to your photos on your iPhone? 

iPhones provide us with many editing options to make our photos better. It has inbuilt filters and effects which enhance our photos.

Edit using the camera roll

Select the photo or video you want to add effects on and click on the edit button in the top right corner to start editing.

Changing the color and light

To change pictures visually, Effects like Contrast, Brilliance, Saturation, Warmth, etc are used. You can control the Values of These effects using a slider accordingly.

Crop, Rotate, or Flip

We can Crop, Rotate, or Flip a photo in the cropping options. Crop the photo either manually or select a standard ratio available in the options.

Straighten and adjust the photos

We can also adjust the photo using the effects like Straighten, Vertical, Horizontal, and Skew. Tap on the toggle to compare the original and the edited photos.

Adding the filters

Filters like Vivid, Dramatic, Monochromatic, and Original available on the iPhone, just apply the filter on the photos and use the slider to change the strength of the filters.

Write or draw on photos

We can write or draw on the photos using the Marker, tap on the marker and choose a color to start. We can add a caption, text, shape, and signature to the photos.

Editing the live photos

We can also edit the live photos and effects like Loop, Long Exposure, and Bouncing. Other effects include trimming, still photos, and changing the key photo.

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