How to adjust snooze time of alarm on iPhone in just 1 min

Here is the step to step guide on how to change the alarm time within 60 seconds.

On an iPhone, how do you change the snooze time?

We'll show you how to shorten or prolong snooze on your iPhone by using these alternatives.

How Long Does Snooze Last on an iPhone?

Iphone snooze times have always been nine minutes, and you can't change the length of your snooze on your IPhone.

How to Use Your iPhone or iPad to Set an Alarm

– Launch the Clock app on the iPhone. – Go to the Alarm    tab.

– To create a new    alarm, tap the +    icon in the top    corner. – Using the left    and center    sliders, enter    your preferred    wake-up time.

Choose AM or    PM from the    right- hand   slider. – To disable    snooze, tap the    Snooze  toggle.    When the toggle    is grey, snooze   is disabled.

– Click on save after    choosing the time. – Repeat the   preceding steps for   as many alarms as   you require at your   desired snooze   intervals.

By using a third-party app

If you want to change the time length then install the different apps available in the apple store. The Apple App Store has a variety of free apps.

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