How to Back up the iPhone in just 1 min?

There are numerous backup alternatives available for backing up your iPhone.

Apple provides two types of backup solutions: iTunes and iCloud.

This web story guides you through these solutions in just 1min.

iCloud backup

– To begin, navigate to Settings – Enter your name, click on iCloud – Authorize iCloud Backup.

– In case your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi, and you have authorized the backup, iCloud instantly backs it up every day. – To create a manual backup, select Back-Up Now.

Backing up with iTunes: Instructions

– Utilize a USB wire to connect device to computer. – Click the iPhone button close to the highest left of iTunes window within iTunes app on your computer.

– When your iPhone, iPad, or iPod appears in iTunes, select it. – Select Summary. – Back-Up Now is selected (below Backups).

– If a message  appears to enter  your device's  passcode,  follow the  instructions – Ask for help if   you have   forgotten your   passcode.

– You can see if the backup finished successfully in end. Also, date and time of last backup.

These two methods will help in backup iPhone. We recommend using iCloud and iTunes backup.

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