How to Change the Default Camera Settings on Your iPhone?

iPhones are known for their camera quality. These iPhones come with the default settings, which do not take great pictures or are not up to the mark.

Switching the Grid on

Go to settings-> navigate to camera and switch on the Grid. With the help of grids, we can align objects to click a nice picture. All we need to do is match the grid lines with the borders in the picture you are clicking.

Mirror front effect

While clicking selfies, the camera will flip the photo due to the mirroring effect, so to disable it we need to switch on the "Mirror Front Camera" effect.

Photographic styles

Only available on iPhone 13. There are five different Photographic styles standard, vivid, rich contrast, warm, and cool. All the styles give different outputs to the original picture.

Changing the preserved settings

There are some preserved settings on your iPhone, which might cause delay or bad picture quality while clicking pictures. We need to make some changes to click perfect photos.

In app preferences

Switch on the camera mode to preserve the last mode, Keep creative control off, switch on the Night mode and turn off the live photos feature.

Increasing the bokeh effect

We can also change some in-app tools to get better pictures. Keep the flash in auto mode, the default screen ratio as 16:9 to get wider pictures. Switch on the lightning effect and aperture in portrait mode to increase the bokeh effect.

Customizing the video settings

The video settings are also available for the iPhone. Go to the settings and change them according to your convenience.

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