How to check room temperature with iPhone within 1 sec?

In this web story, we will learn about how to check room temperature on iPhone.

What is the temperature?

Temperature is a state of quantity that causes the users to make the feeling of their environments.

How can you calculate it?

You can calculate them with any apple device including Mac, iPhones, iPad, or iPods touch. You can always find the room temperature.

Why should you use the temperature?

There can be many reasons why you should choose to do so, for getting more detailed information about your surroundings.

Can you calculate it?

Yes, you can calculate it. By using the temperature apps in the App Store or by asking Siri.

How to check room temperature with iPhone?

Follow these steps to check room temperature with your iPhone.

Go to the Siri on your iPhone.

Say Hey Siri to your iPhone. The Siri will pop up with its voice-activated settings.

Room Temperature?

You can now ask Siri for the room temperature by asking it the line “What’s today’s temperature?”.

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