How to clean iPhone 14 in just 1 min?

In this web story, we will know how to clean iPhone 14 in just 1 min in detail.

Do we have to clean?

Yes, you should clean your iPhones to look good and shiny. You have to clean your iPhone.

How do we clean?

You can use a soft cloth that will not damage the display. You should clean slowly.

Don't clean it hard

You have to stop cleaning your iPhone if you are cleaning with a hard cloth.

Clean it immediately

If your iPhone has been exposed to dirt or water, you should clean it immediately.

Unplug wires

If you ever want to clean your iPhone, first you should unplug chargers or cables.

Switch it off

When you are trying to clean your iPhone, first turn off your iPhone and don't use it.

Handle it gently

Don't clean it with some unknown cleaning products, it can cause harm to your iPhone.

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