How to clean your Apple AirPods in just 1 min?

In this webstory, we will see how to clean our Apple AirPods properly in just 1 min?

How to clean the case of AirPods or AirPods Pro?

There are many ways to perform cleaning on the AirPods, just click next to see the tips.

Tip1: Using a clean cloth

Always try use a Lenin, clean, dry, and soft cloth to remove the dirt from the case.

Tip 2: using isopropyl alcohol

Dip some small drops of isopropyl alcohol on cloth or COTTON, then clean your AirPod in very gentle way. Do not use too much isopropyl!

How to clean the ear tips of AirPods or AirPods Pro?

Ear tips are very sensitive. There are numerous methods to perform a cleansing on the AirPods ear tips.

Tip 1: using water

Drag out the ear tips from each AirPod and flush the ear tips with water (TDS below 100). Don't employ soap or other home cleaners!

What Not To Do!

-Don't apply products including bleach or hydrogen peroxide. -Don’t put AirPods or AirPods Pro underwater. -Asure that charging ports not get any liquid.

Is it good to employ a disinfectant on AirPods?

Don't apply disinfectant directly on AirPods. Read the sensitivity of the product, before applying.  You can use only isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol.

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