How to clean your Apple iPhone in just 1 min?

In this webstory, we will see how to clean our Apple iPhone properly in just 1 min?

How to clean the case of iPhone?

You can easily wash your iPhone case by running water or use any un sensitive alcohol to clean it. 

How to clean the iPhone?

iPhone is an electronic device which is very sensitive towards different materials and liquids, so first check the sensitivity then apply on it. Better to use our tips!

Before Cleaning your iPhone.

1. Unplug all cables and make sure that you have switched off your iPhone properly first. 2. Avoid fetching moisture in openings. 3. Not to use cleaning liquor or compressed air.

Tip1: Using a clean and lint-free cloth

Use cotton, clean, dry, lint-free, and a soft cloth to remove the filth, dust from the iPhone.

Tip 2: using Disinfectant

Drop some little drops of disinfectant based on light alcohol on a dirt-free lint-free cloth, then clean your iPhone in a very delicate way. Do not use too much disinfectant!

How to clean the fingerprint Sensor of iPhone?

Fingerprint is very sensitive and has a coating. Clean it only through wet cloth, do not use cleaning products or abrasive materials. It may reduce the coating also scratch your iPhone.

Don't Do this!

1. Don't apply products including bleach or hydrogen peroxide. 2. Don’t put iPhone underwater. 3. Asure charging ports do not get any fluid. 4. Don't use Cleaning products and abrasive materials.

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