How to copy paste on MacBook within a secomd? 

Just follow these simple tips and tricks and within a second you will be able to copy paste text and images. 

Here are a few common keyboard combinations to help you out.

Copy - Command+c Cut - Command+x Paste - Command+v

How to copy on a MacBook?

All you need to do is to drag the cursor over the sentence(s) you want to copy and now just press Command+C together.

How to paste on a MacBook?

Again just drag the cursor over the sentence(s) to copy and then put the cursor where you want to paste the copied material. Just press Command+V to paste.

If you are thinking of copy pasting multiple items in your clipboard so that later you can choose what you want to paste then the MacBook does not offer any such feature.

If you want you can copy approximately 24 items from Office documents to the Office Clipboard and by choosing from the task panel you can paste to a document.

You can find Clipboard by following these steps- Open finder > from menu click Edit > choose Clipboard. You will be able to see what you copied last.

ANOTHER WAY- select the sentence(s) by dragging the cursor click on the touchpad using 2 fingers, from menu select copy & place the cursor where you want to paste, again press touchpad & select paste.

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