How to delete apps on mac in 1 sec?

Make storage space by deleting or uninstalling apps from your MacBook. Now how to do it?

There are 2 ways you can uninstall or delete app(s) from your Mac. It can be either done from the Launchpad or from the Finder. One by one let’s see how to do it.

Open Launchpad from Dock or from the Applications. Is the app which you are looking for to delete is in the Launchpad? No! Now what? Just type its name in the search field at the top.

Or you can find it in the next or previous page by swiping right or left using two fingers on your trackpad or touchpad. Now click and hold any app or press and hold option key until the apps jiggle.

Now what? Just click the delete button which is next to the app you want to uninstall, click delete and confirm. There might be few apps which do not show the delete button.

These are those apps which are not installed from the App Store or are either required by your MacBook. Now how to delete or uninstall these apps. For them, use Finder instead.

Now, using Finder to delete the app(s). Search for the app in the Finder, the app can be in any sidebar of the Finder Window. Drag the app to the Trash Bin. 

Now go to bin and click on the file or app you want to delete and then click delete immediately or empty bin. Remember deleting or uninstalling an app doesn't cancel your subscription or any purchase.


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