How to disable private browsing on iPhone?

In this web story, we will learn how you can disable private browsing from your iPhone.

What is private browsing?

There is a set called private browsing in the Safari app of your iPhone that helps you in browsing.

Can you use Private browsing?

You can use private browsing in the case of data privacy and anonymity.

Why you should use site browsing?

You should use private browsing or incognito to keep privacy in your iPhone.

Is private browsing safe?

Yes, you can use it without any difficulty and it is safe on iPhone.

How to disable private browsing on iPhone?

Let us see how you can disable the private browsing feature on your iPhone.

Open the Safari app?

When you open the Safari app then you can open the Incognito mode with the help of the user set piece.

Go to the Tab?

Open the normal tab and then close off the Incognito tab of the iPhone. This should do it easily.

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