How to edit screenshots on iPhone?

We need editing tools to remove an unwanted part or mark an important detail on the screenshot, IOS has some cool editing tools to edit the screenshot.

Enable the editing tools

To enable the editing tools we need to follow different steps for different iPhone models, just follow the steps to enable the tools.

Different iPhone models

For the models with IOS 10 or below, the screenshots directly get saved into the photos or files, but in IOS 11 and above, a small thumbnail appears as soon as we click a screenshot.

Taking the screenshot

The process of taking a screenshot is also different for different models. For iPhone 8 and earlier, use the home button to click a screenshot. For iPhone X and above use the power button and Volume up to capture the screen.

Assistive Touch

We can also use the "Assistive Touch" to capture the screen. Go to settings-> General-> Accessibility-> Assistive Touch. Select the "Taking a screenshot" as a shortcut in the Assistive Touch.

Selecting the Screenshot

After selecting from the photos or clicking on a thumbnail, the editing tools appear. Use Mark up tools to mark or draw on the screenshot, the markers are available in different colors and thicknesses.

Crop, Cut, and Rule

Crop to remove the unwanted portions, Select the tool to cut out the required part. Use the Ruler to draw the straight lines on the screenshot.

Color Pallet and Signature

We can choose the colors from the color pallet, and tools like adding text, Signature, Magnifier, and Opacity are also available. We can add shapes like squares, circles, etc.

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