Introduction to Emoting

Welcome to Helldivers 2! Emoting isn't just fun—it's communication. Let's dive into the expressive world of Helldivers!

Importance of Emotes

Why emote? Beyond fun, emotes let you communicate quickly and effectively with your squad. Coordination is key!

Accessing Emotes

Accessing your emotes is easy! Just press the emote button and choose from the wheel. Express yourself on the go!

Basic Emotes

Master the basics: Greet, Thank, and Warn. These emotes are crucial for team synergy and building camaraderie.

Strategic Emotes

Strategize with emotes. Signal enemy locations, request aid, or coordinate attacks. Emotes can be your silent ally.

Customizing Emotes

Make it personal! Customize your emote wheel to suit your style. Prioritize the emotes you use the most.

Emotes in Action

Timing is everything. Use emotes effectively in battle to guide your team or celebrate a victory. Timing can turn tides!

Learning from Others

Observe and learn. Watch how experienced players use emotes to enhance gameplay. Adapt and adopt their strategies!

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice your emotes. Familiarity breeds efficiency. The more you practice, the better you'll communicate in the heat of battle.


Emotes are your voice in Helldivers 2. Use them wisely, and they'll be a powerful tool in your arsenal. Happy emoting!

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