How to fix an unresponsive iPhone touchscreen?

One of the ultimate USPs of the iPhone is its body, Known for its exceptional exterior quality. The most important part is its touch screen, so it is useless if that does not work, which is failing to respond to touch

What could be the reason?

The problem might be due to a software or hardware issue, we can fix it if we follow some simple fixes

Force your iPhone to restart?

Turn off your iPhone for a few minutes before powering it on. This might resolve some minor glitches in the system software. Switch off your phone by long pressing the combination of power and volume

Cleaning and drying the screen

The display screen work on capacitive technology. They form a circuit if two such conducting materials meet. So clean and fry your hands before using the iPhone.

Removing the screen guard

Unresponsiveness may be due to a thick screen guard, so either remove it or get a thin screen protector.

Use an external software

If you do not want to lose your data, use external software like Tenorshare ReiBoot to update its software and restore the data.

Factory reset your iPhone

If your data is backed up on the cloud, you can do the factory reset using iTunes with the help of your computer. This will delete all the existing files from your device.

Contact Apple customer care

If your problem is not solved by any of the fixes, it means there could be a hardware issue. Visit your nearest Apple customer service center to get it replaced or resolved.

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