How to fix the red-eye issue on iPhone in 1 min?

In this web story, we will learn about how to fix the red-eye issue on iPhones easily.

What is the red-eye issue?

The red-eye issue is a popular slang that is used when using the iPhone. It means stress in the eyes.

How can solve them?

The red-eye issue can be solved by using the multiple premium features that are provided to us by the iPhone.

Why should you True tone?

There can be many reasons why you should choose to do so, for example, in the case when you are using your iPhone at night.

Is there a way to solve the red-eye issue properly?

Yes, you can do this very easily by using the True tone settings of your iPhone.

How to fix the red-eye issue on iPhone?

Follow these steps to fix the red-eye issue on iPhone with ease.

Control center?

From the Control center of the iPhone open the display brightness slider. Long press on it and open the pop-up.

True tone settings activated on iPhone?

Click on the true tone settings and activate it from below the slider. Press on the true tone button.

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