How to forget a wifi network on a MacBook?

Don’t want your Mac to connect or rejoin automatically to a network? What can be done?

You can make your MacBook forget the network which it was connected to earlier so that it doesn’t automatically rejoin that network.

All you have to do is follow these simple steps. So let’s get started. Go to Apple’s menu and select System Preference and then click Network.

On the left side of your MacBook’s display a list will appear, from there you need to select or click on Wi-Fi. Click the advanced option

A Wi-Fi panel will appear which will show you the Network Preference list. From that list, select the wi-fi network that you want to forget.

Underneath that list you will notice a remove button (-). After this you will be asked for confirmation, for that click on remove. Now click Ok then Apply.

You might not get the option to remove a network if you are using a supervised device which manages Wi-Fi connections.

An alternative option is also available. What you can do is turn off Auto-join for that particular network. This doesn’t mean that the network is forgotten by Mac but it won’t auto join.


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