How to get rid of shortcuts on iPhone?

The shortcuts present in the iPhone help its users to customize the features or apps with a simple tap or voice command using Siri.

Inbuilt Apps and Notifications

There are some apps inbuilt in the Apple which come with some annoying notifications or banners or are redirected towards some other apps when we open them. Depending on the app and how often you use them these notifications or banners might become a nuisance.

Deleting from the shortcuts app

We can delete the unwanted shortcuts using the Shortcuts app. All you need to do is to select the unwanted shortcuts and delete them.

Deleting the bookmarked shortcuts

There will be some bookmarked shortcuts that won't get deleted if we undo them in shortcuts. So we need to long press the Shortcuts app icon to delete them from the home screen.

Automated Siri suggestions

The automated suggestions set up by Siri also. To delete these automated shortcuts set by can be removed from the Siri suggestions, go to the Siri suggestions and switch off the toggle to stop Siri from reading our activities.

Inbuilt Notifications and banners

Some apps have inbuilt notifications and banners when we try to open them. To switch them off, go to settings->Screen Time->See all activity-> disable the shortcuts. 

Settings the actions

To get rid of banners, add automation like "Set Assistive Touch" and "Number" in the Shortcuts app. Do not forget to turn these actions off while adding the apps.

Removing the Shortcuts

Some shortcuts are helpful and some are frustrating, So we need to modify them based on our liking.

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