How to increase Laptop Battery life?

If you want to increase the battery life, all you need to do is modify some settings to improve the battery life.

Windows management tool

Directly set the "Better Battery life" option in the Windows management tool. This tool collectively reduces the software performance to give out better battery life.

For mac users

If you are a macOS user, they have extensive battery settings, you can manage to improve the battery life.

Managing the workflow

We can improve the battery life by managing the workflow of the laptop, like switching off the apps which you are not working on and switching on the Airplane Mode.

Limiting access to the apps which affects the battery

Search for the apps which affect your battery life and limit the access to the apps which consume more power or which do not require power at all.

Graphic cards and high performance laptops

The graphic cards and high-performance laptops reduce the battery drastically, we shoul tweak gpu settings for better bettery mode

Airflow management

Overheating could be a problem, so we need to make sure our laptop is getting proper ventilation to let the heat out of the laptop.

Taking care of laptops

The other way of improving the battery is to take care of the battery condition, reviewing the battery management settings once in a while.

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