How to install windows on Mac?

Yes, you can install Windows on your Mac. Just follow these simple steps and you will be able to install Windows

Now before you start installing, check if you have Boot Camp Assistant with an intel processor. Have 64 GB of free storage space (128 GB for best experience), a flash drive.

Now how to install? Check if your Mac’s Secure Boot Setting is set onto Full Security before installing. After installing use any Secure Boot Setting (without affecting startup from Windows).

From Utilities Folder open Boot Camp Assistant, you might be asked to insert a USB drive, plug your flash drive (for installation the Assistant will create a Bootable USB Drive).

Select BootCamp Partition and click Format if the installer asks where to install Windows. Mostly the installer automatically selects and formats BootCamp partition.

Now you need to unplug all the unnecessary external devices. After that click Next and all you're gonna do is follow the onscreen instructions to start installing windows.

Now your Mac starts up and opens a “Welcome to the Boot Camp Installer” window. Follow the given onscreen instructions and when you are done you will be asked to restart your Mac.

To complete Boot Camp installation you can open the Boot Camp installer manually( if it doesn't open). The display will be blank if you are connected with any external display (black, gray or blue).


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