How to limit iPhone usage with screen time?

We can monitor or limit the usage of our mobile phones using the Screen Time feature on IOS 12.

Screen Time in IOS 12

Screen time is a new feature in iPhone, it displays the time spent by the user on the phone. It shows data in the form of a graph indicating the time slots based on different categories.

Enable the Screen Time

To use the Screen Time, first, we need to enable the Screen time. Go to the Screen Time-> click on "Turn on Screen Time" -> agree to the instructions and select the "This is my phone" option.

Setting up the Screen Time Password

After setting up the Screen Time make sure you set up a Screen Time password to restrict others from changing the screen time settings. You can reset it using the Apple ID in case you do not remember it.

Downtime hours

To set the Downtime hours, select the from and to time and select the downtime for every day or customize based on your preferences.

Setting up the App limit

You can restrict the app usage using the "App Limit" feature. Add the apps you want to limit the usage of. Set the time limit, once you reach that limit they will be blocked for the rest of the day.

Allowed Apps

There will always be certain apps that are important all the time. You can make an exception for those apps using the "Allowed Apps" feature. They will never be blocked in any condition.

Content and Privacy settings

You can also stop consuming unwanted content by using the "Content and Privacy Settings." Block the unwanted content and proceed to activate the settings.

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