How to make headphones louder on iPhone?

Some people like to listen to music at loud volumes and some at soft volumes. So we need to make adjustments in our volume in order to adjust to our conditions and mood.

Using the control center

Using the control center is one of the simplest ways to adjust the volume. Now all you need to do is drag the volume icon bar to the desired volume you want to hear.

Using the Volume keys

Use the volume keys to increase the sound, make sure they are not set up to alter the ringer sounds. Shut if off if they are used for ringtone sounds.

Disabling the headphone safety

We can also increase the sound by disabling the headphone safety. Go to settings-> navigate to sounds and haptics-> click on the "Headphone safety."

Alter the headphone accommodations

Turn on the headphone accommodations and set it to strong mode. Go to Settings-> navigate to accessibility-> scroll down to audio/visual ->  click on Headphone accommodations.

Turn off the voice limit

All the mobile phones come with a voice limit, so we can adjust it to get higher volumes on our headphones. Go to settings-> Scroll all the way down to "Music" -> Under the playback category we can see the volume limit.

Enabling the "Late Night" in EQ

Use the "Late Night" EQ setting to increase the sound. Go to the settings-> navigate all the down to the "Music" settings-> Under the playback section we can see the "EQ" tab.

Hearing Aid

Sometimes louder audio may affect your hearing when you are listening to something on headphones especially. So be careful while doing that.

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