How to make the most of the 3d touch on the iPhone?

The 3D touch works on the principle of multiple pressure levels, that is different pressures on the icon invoke different actions.

Submenu options

If we apply slight pressure on any app icon using 3D touch, it opens a submenu with options present in the app. Every app has a different submenu.

Peek and Pop Gestures

The 3D touch uses the "peek and pop" action, which is a normal pressure that invokes a preview, and a slightly longer press actually does the action.

Image Preview

We can also preview the images and links using the 3D touch. Just like Instagram, a press opens the picture in a larger window.

Controlling the 3D settings

The 3D settings are available in the Accessibility section in the iPhone settings. Adjust the sensitivity of touch using the slider, which indicates the pressing strength.

Apps supporting the 3D touch

All the apps inbuilt into the Apple ecosystem support the 3D touch, and some third-party apps like Netflix and Facebook also have the 3D touch.

3D Touch in Gaming

3D touch is a great feature to increase the gaming experience. Lots of features and controls can be added using the 3D touch to enhance the gaming experience. 

Why 3D touch is discontinued

Many users face pressure sensitivity issues. To adapt to the 3D touch ecosystem people need to spend time on it. The Haptic touch is much simpler and more intuitive.

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