How to make your iPhone say something when you plug it in?

Do you want to make your iPhone say what you want when plugged in?

Steps for setting an audio clip

– You require to own iOS 14 or later since the automation feature came in iOS 14

Step 1: Start new automation

Open the “Shortcuts app” on the iPhone and move to the “Automation” tab.


Step 2: the “Charger” Trigger

Menu ->list of triggers->locate "Charger" 1. Is Connected: Activate Siri to say I am on charging. 2. Is Disconnect: Activate Siri to say Cool Down iPhone


Step 3: "Speak Text” Action

Continue previous step 2 and tap on “next,” -> Add Action” button -> – Speak Text -> decide what Siri will convey ->  write anything -> – adjust Siri’s voice


Step 4: Disable “Ask before running”

Once done with the automation settings, tap on the “Next” button and toggle off the “Ask before running. – tap on “Done


Step 5: Connect the cable to the iPhone to check

iPhone is on Silent but, Siri will speak the text. Check the speech of Siri after inserting cable.


How To Make a Phone Say Something When Plug In Android

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