How to mute text-message threads on iPhone?

When there are a lot of threads on your messaging app, the constant sounds might irritate you. We can turn them off using our iPhones.

Turn off Notifications

We can turn off notifications for the messages using the settings. You won't hear sounds from any contact. You can use this method to turn off notification sounds for any app.

Turn off Notification sounds

Go to the settings-> Navigate to the settings-> tap on the messages app in the notifications list-> Select the "Sound" and set it to "None."

Muting the particular contacts

To mute particular contact or group  Locate the contact in the app and swipe left on the chat, this will invoke two options, either muting the conversation or deleting it

Crossed Bell Icon

The Crossed Bell Icon indicates muting the conversation, Tap on it to mute the sounds. A small Crossed bell icon appears at the bottom of the thread after selecting it.

Hiding the Message Alerts

Another way is to directly open the conversation on the messaging app and tap on the pictures. Then click on the "Info" button and switch on the "Hide Alerts."

Do Not Disturb Mode

You can totally turn off notifications from the messaging app from app. Click on the details in the top-right corner, and switch on the "Do Not Disturb."

Muting every notification

All these methods shown are reversible and can be reverted back when you want. You can also turn off sounds from any other app using the settings.

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