How to open Task Manager on Mac?

Follow these simple steps to do so. So come and have a look just go through these simple steps.

Unfortunately there is no keyboard shortcut to do so. But don’t you worry we got you. We bring to you 3 ways to do this.

Method 1 From Spotlight open Activity Monitor. Now how to open Spotlight? A short cut is there for it.

Press Command along with Space. After that search Activity Monitor. The Activity Monitor comes up highlighted and now, click enter or just click on it.

Method 2 In your dock, click finder. In the sidebar navigate to Applications then choose utilities. You will see the Active Monitor icon, double click on it.

Method 3 By using this method you can open Active Monitor from Dock. All recurring troubles while setting up Active Monitor in your Dock is worth it.

Now to open Active Monitor from Dock you first need to perform one of the above mentioned methods. Now what to do once you have done the above mentioned methods?

On your Dock, right click the Active Monitor icon. Now select options and then last just choose ‘keep in Dock’ option. If you quit the app just launch it like any other app


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