How to record a phone call on iPhone?

Almost all the mobile phones available have this call recording option but in the iPhones, there is no such feature due to their strict policy of customer privacy.

Rules and Regulations

There are different rules and regulations for different states when it comes to call recordings, so beware of those before trying to record a phone call. Make sure you are notifying the opposite person about the call recording.

Using a third-Party Application

The first method is using a third-party application. There are many apps available on the App store, we could use them to get it done.

Problems with third-party applications

The problem with third-party applications is they are vulnerable to hacking and viruses and they use clever mechanisms to record the call since apple does not allow third-party applications to access the microphone.

Using two devices to record the call

The best way of recording is using two devices, one is the phone and the other one could be any device with an app functionality and a microphone. Download the Voice Memos app from the app store on the recording device.

Testing the audio quality

Test the audio quality by recording your voice in the Voice Memos app and adjusting the volume and your voice for a better audio file.

Recording the conversation

After checking the audio quality, Start the recoding process and initiate the call from the phone. During the whole conversation make sure that both the devices are enough close to each other for better audio quality.

Transferring the file to your device

Stop recording after ending the conversation, save the audio file, and transfer it to your device. Now you can edit out the unwanted parts and your recording is ready.

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