How to record phone calls on iPhone14?

In this web story, we will know about how to record phone calls on iPhone14 in detail.

Can we record them?

Yes, we can record the calls on the iPhone too. you just need to know how.

Call your contact

First of all, you need to call a contact which you want to record the call and follow further steps

Keep it on speaker

You need to keep it on the speaker on your iPhone if you want to record the call

Open your recorder app

From the iPhone, you have an app called recorder,  open it and record your call.

Speak near microphone

If you want to record your call along with your voice you have to speak near your microphone.

End the call

After you record on your iPhone 14, you can cut the call and can save your recording.

Is it really necessary?

For some people, it might be necessary and for some people, it might not be useful.

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