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Remove an App from your iPhone in just 1 minute.

Follow these simple steps to do so.

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You will also see how you can hide apps in your iPhone.

Yes you heard it right, you can now remove and hide apps from the Home Screen to App Library.

Yes you heard it right you can now even hide Apps in your iPhone.


Let's get started. this can be done in easy steps.

so by just few taps and clicks you can keep your apps in the App Library.

Look for the app you want to remove from your home screen. tap and hold it, a menu option will appear and from there choose the Remove App option remove from home screen.


Now where to find your apps? You can access your apps in the Apps Library. Just go to Apps Library and search for the hidden or removed apps there. 

You can also remove multiple apps or even entire page as well. yes, you can! Thinking how just continue watching.

Tap and hold empty space of your home screen, you will see your apps icon jiggle. Tap the dot icon at the bottom and then uncheck the page you would like to hide and click done. 

You see how you can simply remove and hide apps. Try this out! And yes, you can easily restore the whole page without moving individual apps from the hidden page back to home screen. 


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